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Developmental milestones show some of the skills that mark the progress of children as they learn to communicate. Speech-Language & Audiology Canada provides a collection of information brochures and links on many issues associated with Speech-Language Pathology.  Developmental milestones can be found in the `Resources for Parents’ section of the link below. Please feel free to contact us with questions!

Speech Language & Audiology Canada

Below are some additional resources for families:


  • The Hanen Centre’s resources are designed to help you make the most of your child’s early learning to help him build the strongest possible language, social, and early literacy skills.  Click on the link below for more information:  The Hanen Centre's Resources

  • Difficulty with executive function can impact every aspect of a child’s life.  If you think that your child may be struggling with executive function (ex. difficulty focusing, easily distracted, challenges with emotional regulation), the Center on the Developing Child - Harvard University, has some excellent information for families: Centre on the Developing Child

  • Reading rockets offers a wealth of information and research-based strategies designed to help children learn how to read and read better: Reading Rockets

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