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At Arise Therapy Services we assess and treat children with a variety of needs. We offer a range of services aimed at helping children become confident communicators.

Communication is part of our everyday lives and is essential for human interaction and connection. 



We complete comprehensive speech and language evaluations including standardized assessment, observation/informal assessment, review of any outside records (previous therapy services), and parent input. The assessment is essential for deciding whether therapy is recommended and to set appropriate communication goals. 



We provide speech, language, and literacy intervention. Therapy regularly includes home carryover activities to continue progress towards goals in everyday and natural settings.  

*Teletherapy options and in-home options may be available

School Teams

We provide speech-language support for schools. School teams may also request staff training. 

Professional Development

We offer workshops, training and professional development opportunities for parents, caregivers, and educators.

We support children with a variety of needs including:

  • Early Language Development/Late Talkers

  • Language Disorders (understanding and use of language)

  • Speech/Phonological disorders

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Literacy (reading and writing)

  • Reading comprehension difficulties

  • Developmental Delays

  • Autism/Social Communication Skills

  • Executive Functions* (i.e. self-monitoring, planning and problem solving, attention, organization)


*We use approaches that help develop a child’s executive function skills. Executive functioning is a set of cognitive skills that children use every day to engage in daily life skills, learn, and play. Executive functioning is responsible for a child’s ability to sustain attention, organize and plan, initiate and complete tasks, problem solve and regulate emotions. Executive function difficulties are common among children who are diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and other neurodiverse conditions. We work together with families to address ‘the whole child’ so children can perform at their best. 

Other Services

Our team has experience collaborating with First Nations educators, families and students. We believe it is important to communicate with our clients and their families in a culturally sensitive manner that respects the individual and focuses on their unique needs and goals.  

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